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Expert Guidance in US Residency Match

International Medical Students' Clinical Electives

Through our Houston Medical Clerkship, which offers aspiring medical professionals essential practical experience in a thriving medical city, discover the exciting world of healthcare. With its state-of-the-art medical facilities and premier healthcare institutions, Houston offers a broad medical landscape that our program allows medical students to fully experience.

The HMC Portal Difference

  • Exposure to both in-patient and out-patients

  • Working closely with attending physician

  • Letter of Recommendation (performance based)

  • One-on-one training in communication & presentation skills

During this clerkship, participants will engage in clinical rotations, collaborating with experienced physicians, nurses, and healthcare professionals. This immersive experience allows students to witness a wide range of medical cases, providing a comprehensive understanding of various specialties.

Moreover, The Houston Medical Clerkship provides multispecialty clinical experience. We are aware that qualifying for US residence is difficult because more graduates do it each year. Discover how the American healthcare system functions and develop excellent patient communication skills while being supervised by our committed attending physicians who are here to support you on your journey.

Clinical Elective Plans

All rotations are hands-on experiences. Our excellent preceptors understand why you are participating in the rotation, thus allowing as much of a hands-on experience as possible. The dedication you put into the rotation will allow you to gain more knowledge and overall experience.

The cost of the rotation may vary based on whether you request inpatient-only, outpatient-only, or a combination rotation, as well as the number of rotations requested. Please complete and apply for more information. All fees must be submitted upfront to secure a rotation. Details of the rotation will only be provided once all documentation and fees are submitted and once we have confirmation from an available preceptor on our end.

The LOR is at the discretion of the doctor you work with and the effort you put forth. You would need to discuss your LOR with your preceptor once you are actively in the rotation.

Ask about our rate as

We do offer discounts if more than 1 rotation (4 weeks) is booked.

Leading Group of Physicians and Mentors

Providing professional career advice to students

Rotations in major specialties;

Clinic and Hospital rotations; and

All rotations within close proximity.


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