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reviews from students, colleagues and partners

Dear Dr. Khan and amazing team,
I truly appreciate and value everything I have learned from you. It will remain as a major contributor behind my success and achievements. Thank you for your time, support and patience.

- Prava karki

Caribbean Medical University

Thank you for being an amazing mentor for the past few weeks Despite my limited knowledge in the field of Neurology, you taught me so much in terms that I could understand.

- Neha Gupta

Medical Student

Thank you Dr. Khan for eliminating the Neuro-Phobia and introducing me to the in internship aspects of Neurology. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, wisdom, & approach to clinical situation and above all your your valuable time & patience in explaining and teaching.

- Manjeet Nanda

Windsor University, School of Medicine

Thank you for taking time to make sure I received the best quality of education and explaining things to me in detailed manner. I can honestly say you were the best teacher I have had in clinicals so far in medical School.

- Maham Munawar