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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Apply?

Submit an application → with as much accurate information as possible. A team member will contact you once it has been received to proceed through the registration process.

What is the recommended timeframe I should apply for rotations I am interested in?

All rotations are on a first come, first serve basis. Please submit an application at least 2 months prior to your expected start date. If the desired rotations are readily available, processing and confirmation may be done earlier.

What documentation is required for the application and registration?

The application itself does not require additional documents. Once your application has been received you will get an email with a registration packet with additional information and required documents that need to be completed in order to be placed into a rotation.

How long is a rotation?

Each rotation is a minimum of 4 weeks. Additional time can be added within one specialty or other specialties based on preceptor availability.

What is the cost of a rotation?

The cost of the rotation may vary based on the request for inpatient, outpatient or a combination rotation. Please contact us at for more details.

Are there discount options for rotations longer than 8 weeks?

Yes we do offer discounts if more than 8 weeks is desired and/or multiple specialty rotations are desired/confirmed.

What is the refund policy?

A 25% withholding fee will be charged for any cancellations once a rotation has been confirmed.

Do you offer assistance with a visa invitation letter?

Yes, for Medical Graduates Only. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain the visa and we will provide a letter stating where you are doing the rotation and with which doctor.

Do we require passing USMLE scores to participate in a rotation?

No. We do expect keen interest in learning during your stay in the rotation.

I am in medical school. Can I do a rotation with you?

Yes. Anyone is eligible, who has legal documents to stay in USA, is allowed irrespective of what stage of your journey you are in.

What is the name of my supervising doctor?

After your application, registration and payment have been confirmed, a team member will inform you of the doctor name and location of the rotation. Doctor information is not released prior to this.

Will my rotation be in a hospital or in an office?

It depends upon the supervision doctor. May be both or just one.

Where will my rotation be located?

All rotations, regardless of specialty, are located within a 5-10 mile radius of HMC headquarters.

Do you offer assistance with housing?

We do not place students in a housing facility, but can offer suggestions for local motels and other forms of accommodation depending upon the duration of your rotation. This information is provided during the registration process. All travel, lodging and living costs are the responsibility of the student.

Will the LOR be on office or hospital letterhead?

It depends upon the supervising doctor, however many rotations we offer are given on hospital letterhead. Please refer to services →  for more information.

Is a LOR guaranteed?

The LOR is at the discretion of the doctor you work with and the effort you put forth.

What will the schedule be like?

It will be dependent upon the specialty and the doctor’s specific schedule.

What is HMC privacy policy?

Houston Medical Clerkship does not guarantee placement into a residency program. Houston Medical Clerkship does not collect personal data except for use in the application or registration process. Houston Medical Clerkship does not sell any personal data submitted by visitors to our site to any third parties. Houston Medical Clerkship may collect personal data, in which case, the following rules apply:  Houston Medical Clerkship will abide by all applicable laws concerning the release of personal information and we respect the privacy of users visiting our website. Any user reviews, student interviews, photographs/video and feedback submitted to Houston Medical Clerkship may be used for promotional marketing materials.

Need More Information?

Please contact us → if you have any additional questions and our team will be glad to help. We are here to provide answers and guide you through the application process.