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HOUSTON MEDICAL CLERKSHIP – Medical Student Rotations

Hosuton Medical Observership Program

Houston Internal Medicine Medical Clerkship Program
Houston Family Medicine Medical Clerkship Program
Houston Pediatrics Medical Clerkship Program
Houston Infectious Disease Medical Clerkship Program
Houston Neurology Medical Clerkship Program
Houston Cardiology Medical Clerkship Program
Houston Nephrology Medical Clerkship Program
Houston Psychiatry Medical Clerkship Program
Houston Gynecology Medical Clerkship Program
Houston Rheumatology Medical Clerkship Program
Houston Pulmonology Medical Clerkship Program
Houston Ophthalmology Medical Clerkship Program
Houston Endocrinology Medical Clerkship Program
Houston Oncology Medical Clerkship Program
Houston PMR Medical Clerkship Program
Houston Gastroenterology Medical Clerkship Program

Houston Medical Clerkship provides Medical Student Rotations with clinical experience in multi specialties and expert guidance in US Residency match. Leading group of physicians and mentors helping student build a professional career with back to back rotations in five mile radius of Houston and Sugar Land, Texas.

ADDRESS: Houston Medical Clerkship 1111 Hwy 6, Ste. 275 Sugar Land, TX 77478

We understand obtaining US residency is tough as more graduates are applying every year. With growing competition, it is becoming mandatory to have USA clinical experience. Learn how US health care system works and effectively communicate with patients under the supervision of Houston Medical Clerkship dedicated attending physicians who can help in your journey.

Houston Medical Clerkship – Medical Student Rotations Service Package

Liability Insurance for Clerkship Students
Exposure to both in-patient and out-patients
Working closely with attending physician
Letter of Recommendation (performance based)
One-on-one training in communication & presentation skills
Dr. Khan as your personal Advisor & Coach during rotation term

Houston Medical Clerkship students rotate both in-patient as well as out- patient facilities in greater Houston Area.  Most of Houston Medical Clerkship facilities are located at convenient locations and in close proximity. Houston Medical Clerkship Rotations serve to bolster skills based on ACGME core criteria which are patients care, professionalism, Medical Knowledge, interpersonal and communications skills system-based learning, and practice-based learning.

Students will take histories from the patient and discuss it with the attending. At the end of rotation, evaluation will be done both by the attending as well by the student. At least 4 weeks are required to be spent in any specialty of choice with the option to extend. At the end of the rotation, it is advisable to have a presentation on topic of interest. We also encourage research work and publication of interesting case reports.

Houston Medical Clerkship CS Mock Exam

USMLE Step 2 CS exam consists of 12 clinical encounters where candidates either interact in person or on phone with the patient or family member. Each encounter is completed within 25 minutes with initial 15 minutes are dedicated for history taking and physical exam and the remaining 10 minutes for documenting patient`s notes on a computer. Timely completion of each encounter is crucial.   CS exam primarily assesses 3 main skills, Communication and Interpersonal Skills (CIS), Spoken English Proficiency (SEP), and Integrated Clinical Encounter (ICE).

Houston Medical Clerkship has standardized patients at our location where candidates will interact in real life settings in a timely manner. This will be a 2 days intensive course during which candidates will have ample opportunity to learn and practice. Dr. Khan has keen interest in helping students and graduates to overcome the barriers that a common candidate faces in a more customized way to eventually help him/her get through this exam with honors.


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Medical student experience part of core/elective



Clinical experience for IMGs

Leading Group of Physicians & Mentors.

Providing professional career advice to students

Rotations in major specialties
Clinic and Hospital rotations
All rotations within close proximity


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